About Machine Design Online

Machine Design Online is a software for design and analysis of machine elements. It can be used effectively in two ways.

1. For designing of machine elements and assemblies.
2. For training of engineers in academics and industries.

The important feature of Machine Design Online is that an optimized design solution can be obtained quickly by inputting performance parameters. Two dimensional sketch and a three dimensional model is also generated for some of the components wherever they are required. Input parameters like materials, performance requirements, factor of safety etc. can be varied conveniently to obtain different outputs. Designers can have multiple design solutions for comparisons. One can design a component for infinite or finite life. This helps design teams to increase their efficiency significantly.

FEAST takes pride into providing customized software solutions for designing based on customer requirements.

Machine Design Online consists of following design modules: Beam Analysis, Bearing, Belt, Bolted Joint, Brake, Cam, Chain, Clutch, Column, Connecting Rod, Coupling, Fatigue Analysis, Fits and Tolerance, Flywheel, Gear, Cotter-Knuckle Joint, Lever, Material Database, Power Screw, Ratchet and Pawl, Shaft, Spring, Thin and Thick Cylinder and Welded Joint.

The selection modules included are: Bearing, Chain, Belt and Bolt. Refer whitepapers in download section for more information. Every module comes with a dedicated section of technical help. This section provides for all the design formulae, step by step, used for designing for each of the components. There is both technical and user manual for quick understanding and use of software.

For more information please visit www.machinedesignonline.com
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