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Student : Top 5 Most Attractive Benefits

  • 1. Up-to-date learning with latest processes/materials used by industries
  • 2. Get more theoretical information on various topics by the way of e-book.
  • 3. Share ideas with others related to projects or any other topic through forum.
  • 4. Prepare exams like GATE & IES
  • 5. Quiz, Self-evaluation tool for various subjects.

Tutors : Top 4 Most Attractive Benefits

  • 1. Use design tools like industry expert
  • 2. Fully customizable lesson plans and examinations
  • 3. Time-saving tools for analyzing and correcting assignments
  • 4. Unique dashboard and analytics provides an opportunity to assess students' progress in real-time

Colleges : Top 5 Most Attractive Benefits

  • 1. Provides interactivity between students, faculty, and domain experts
  • 2. Set up Machine Design Online Lab in existing CAD lab infrastructure
  • 3. Students learn with the same tool the professionals use
  • 4. Fosters personal attention between teachers and students
  • 5. Students go one step further towards industry acceptance.

Industries : Top 5 Most Attractive Benefits

  • 1. A comprehensive design platform in a virtual environment, saving time and money
  • 2. Allows you to determine the skill level of any employee, helping you maintain a competitive edge
  • 3. Design and analysis of engineering components and systems (Gearbox Suite, Spring Suite)
  • 4. Carry out consultancy services with confidence
  • 5. Validation tool for Fatigue and Fracture analysis of structures

Machine Design Online provides the most complete mechanical development simulation environment available. Open-access, rigorously programmed, and easy to use, our online platform allows you to perform real-world testing and simulation, through the application of more than twenty fundamental elements of machine design.

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