Features and Benefits
Mechanical Calculations

Unique platform provides thousands of complex calculations in realtime for 40+ Mechanical Engineering components and building blocks

In order to provide the most realistic design environment, you'd need to calculate thousands of complex calculations in real time for a seamless design experience. That's exactly what Machine Design Online provides.


Videos help to understand engineering science with step-by-step explanation emphasizing on most important and difficult concepts. Graphical representation makes complex concepts easy and the subject becomes interesting.

The audio explains the concept in easiest way along with the meaning of relative definitions. Our video bank covers the most difficult concepts which keep growing.

Quick Concept

Topic wise Frequently Asked Questions with short answers on various subjects. It helps to clarify basic doubts in students mind and enhances their in-depth understanding of respective subjects. Students may thus revise their basics before facing real industrial situation.

Fatigue Analysis

Native to all designs that help end of life calculations In the real world, design doesn't happen in a vacuum. The same holds true for MDO, thanks to the fatigue analysis functionality that's built into every design component. The result is training that reinforces robust design that doesn't ignore end of life calculations.

Question Bank

Vast collection of question and answers of old question papers from various universities, students to score exceptionally well in exams. Our database holds about 5000 questions of all types which are mapped with the syllabus of all major universities. We keep updating the question bank from time to time so that students get the most likely questions as per their syllabus.


Most comprehensive database for Machine design and variety of topics around Mechanical Engineering

We strive to provide the most comprehensive database for all topics around the world of Mechanical Engineering, both in the application of the design environment, and in the online Reference Manual. It's as complete a design environment as you can get online.

100+ Material Database

Use variety of materials or add your own.

Our database holds over 100 different materials, all programmed to respond to stimuli and design choices as they would in real-time situations. That means more trustworthy design results, and more freedom to design YOUR way.

Reporting and Analytics

Built in Dashboards for Students, Tutors & Colleges to track realtime progress.

How can you tell that Machine Design Online is teaching, instead of just "telling"? MDO provides a built-in analytic tracker and reporting tool built right into the dashboard, so students and instructors alike can see how far users have come in their training.


Ability to integrate your design simulations with CAD software and create 3D printable designs

Social Community

Students, Tutors, Industry come together in a unique and focused community to enhance learning.

Online Sketcher

Generate 2D sketches in seconds for your designs.

What you create doesn't have to stay in the design environment. Two-dimensional sketches for any design structure can be produced in seconds based entirely on your designs.

The sketches are produced in file formats compatible with all popular CAD applications, and can be used as an input to generate 3D diagrams with additional controls and features. This makes generating the right design simple, saving time and reducing manufacturing and production issues

Design & Analysis

Cultivate design culture in your organization by emphasizing on rapid iterative design, reducing turnaround time and quicker results thus avoiding the rule of thumb approach for safer and accurate designs.

Using MDO, design teams can quickly and cheaply iterate the design process to develop a component that meets cost, performance, and other constraints. No physical prototype need be created until the design nears completion, allowing hundreds or thousands of designs to be evaluated, instead of a relative few.


MDO is eager to find new partnerships and paths to reaching students, universities, and leading industries. Want to join us? Contact us to learn how we can work together to create a smarter and stronger design community!