When it comes to training, no online platform is as thorough or effective as Machine Design Portal. Spanning 23 fundamental elements of machine design, Machine Design Software provides training that streamlines and improves every element of the design process.

This comprehensive design platform allows your company to achieve the best design solutions in a virtual environment, saving time and money while reducing safety and legal risks. And since it's an online platform, it will help your business determine the skill level of any potential employee, no matter how remote they may be. From staffing to designing to manufacturing, Machine Design Portal can give your company a competitive edge.

  • A comprehensive design platform in a virtual environment, saving time and money
  • Reduces safety and legal risks
  • Allows you to determine the skill level of any employee, helping you maintain a competitive edge


  • Design and analysis of engineering components and systems
  • Fatigue and Fracture analysis of structures
  • Failure analysis of machines and machine elements


  • FEAST provides training services in the fields of Machine Design, Fatigue & Failure Analysis of Machine Elements such as Gears, Bearings, Shafts, etc. Regular workshops are conducted on above topics in association with prestigious institutes at various places across India. We can also provide a customized training program for a group of engineers from a particular company on the subjects listed above.

Outsource product development and Customization

  • Many times companies have their own standard procedures involving manual or graphical calculations. Invariably, when the batch of Engineers leave or retire the new entrants have to be trained again & again. In such a situation, customized software will prove to be very useful to produce reliable calculation & design. It could be incorporating company specific imported materials there by making exclusive product than depending on just regular software available in market. FEAST Software is capable of providing such software in a short time and maintains confidentiality.


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