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Hands-on, real-time, fully interactive: That's how students learn best. Machine Design Online is the complete design and training software that teaches REAL design practices through real world design techniques, based on more than hundred fundamental elements of machine design. Plus, an easily accessible knowledge bank provides a wealth of additional learning and information in the areas of Strength of Materials (SOM), Theory of Machines (TOM), Engineering Mechanics (EM) and Kinematics of Machines (KOM) that will enhance the mechanical engineering online design experience for students and industry professionals alike.
Our innovative machine design online portal goes above and beyond any other design simulator because it's fully customizable, online-based and developed to be the best teaching aid for faculty and learning aid for students at any level of experience. Additionally, the platform provides easy two-way communication between students and instructors so everyone is always up to speed. Discover how our machine design software and online community can help you achieve your goals.

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Feature & Benefits
Unique platform provides thousands of complex calculations in realtime for 40+ Mechanical Engineering components and building blocks
Videos help to understand engineering science with step-by-step explanation
Generate 2D sketches in seconds for your designs.
Built in Dashboards for Students, Tutors & Colleges to track realtime progress.
Ability to integrate your design simulations with CAD software and create 3D printable designs.
Use variety of materials or add your own
Native to all designs that help end of life calculations.
Most comprehensive database for Machine design and variety of topics around Mechanical Engineering
Cultivate design culture in your organization by emphasizing on rapid iterative design.
Vast collection of question and answers of old question papers from various universities.
Exhaustive reference material for improved learning.
Students, Tutors, Industry come together in a unique and focused community to enhance learning.

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Shibu K Baby


We are extremely satisfied with the capabilities of this package which has helped us in a) reducing cycle time of design b) cross checking of design c) preparation of design report d) drawing generation e) with data on materials f) as a medium for training engineering trainees.

Dr. Mrs. M.G. Karnik

COEP - College of Engineering, Pune.

The software is useful to faculty also to give assignments to students and receive them online. It is also good for making students understand & visualize different machine components such as gears, bearings, etc. Videos add value for good understanding of student.

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