Dr. Y Shrihari Upadhyaya

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology

It was a new and good experience for us to use MDO during the academic year 2016-17. We used it for Machine Design I & II, project work by few students.

Dr. K V Gangadharan

Professor and Head Department of Mechanical Engineering (National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal)

We are consistently using Machine Design Online e-learning tool for our UG and PG Machine Design courses. Faculty members who are teaching machine design related course had gone through the topic and verified its utility for our class room activities and tutorials. After usage of about two years and feedback collected from all user groups, I have confidence in recommending Machine Design online for mechanical design course in UG and PG.
We would like to place on record the excellent technical support provided by the Machine Design online team during every stage of implementation of the tool. We appreciate the quality of Technical support and the promptness of the service.

Amit Singh Tomar

Ansal university

Machine Design Online software enhances the knowledge of students in the practical way and the current market requirements. MDO software should be used during classroom lectures & lab hours because it explains the practical things in better way than the additional teaching.

Anand Sharma

Ansal university

It is a vast program which covers almost all the important topics. Definitely it will help the students as well as tutors to get close to industry. Software is user friendly and is an important step towards improvement of students.

Dr. Mrs. M. G. Karnik

COEP - College of Engineering, Pune.

The software is useful to faculty also to give assignments to students and receive them online. It is also good for making students understand & visualize different machine components such as gears, bearings, etc. Videos add value for good understanding of student.

Shibu K Baby

L&T (Design & Engineering Center)

We are extremely satisfied with the capabilities of this package which has helped us in a) reducing cycle time of design b) cross checking of design c) preparation of design report d) drawing generation e) with data on materials f) as a medium for training engineering trainees.

Prof. Shailesh Chaudhary

LCIT College

MDO software brings students closer to industry needs and helps to improve student's subject understanding and knowledge level. We have made a laboratory where the student can practice online. Industry type problems, Videos and E-book plus quick concepts help the students learn better.

Prof. Trilok Parmar

LCIT College

MDO software equips students with enhanced knowledge and in depth understanding of Elements of Machine Design subject. MDO with E-book, Quick concepts and number of solving questions helps the students study at his own speed. Now a day back is very costly, since it online 24x7. My preparation & presentation time is reduced. I can tell finer points to the students in the meantime.

Suchit Yadav

Ansal Institute of Technology - Gurgaon, Haryana

Machine Design Online is the best e-learning design software according to me. It is a student friendly, a modern design tool. The key learning’s relate the theoretical knowledge through this software to the modern practical world.

Arjun R.

KS School of Engineering and Management, Bangalore.

It is very useful for the designer. MDO is very affordable and replaces the need for costly books. Being online 24x7 I can learn at my own convenience. videos are of great use in clearing concepts.

Chandan H.

KS School of Engineering and Management, Bangalore.

It is very useful and easy to learn. It is a simple and good way for learning. it is very affordable. Being online 24x7 i can learn at my own convenience. Videos are very greatful to use.

Aithal Shashanka D.

KS School of Engineering and Management, Bangalore.

It is very useful and easy to learn. I can study at my own convenience, everything I need are in one place. Tuition and costly books are not needed. MDO is a Good teacher in addition to my professor.

Pallavi Karale

CEOP - College of Engineering, Pune.

It is user friendly & easy to use. I find E-book , Quick concepte, Quiz and video a great boon to learn and clear concepts. Information available is very good but 2D drawings are not available for all components. Overall its a very good software.

Sumit Tengale

CEOP - College of Engineering, Pune.

Very interactive and user friendly software. Excellent initiative & ideas. Complete guidance of subject in a one stop destination.

Dhanashri Desai

CEOP - College of Engineering, Pune.

I can now learn new concepts prior to teaching in classroom and clear ideas and can find questions and answers as well as videos and animations. Really I found this portal very useful.

Umang Patil

LCIT College

MDO software is a wonderful learning tool and useful for better understanding of the subject. All topics in syllabus are covered, which is important to understand machine design fundamentals.

Alfizhan Malek

LCIT College

MDO portal covers all topics in machine design and bridges gap between requirements of Industry and Academics.



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