Case Studies

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Leading Switchgear Manufacturer

The client is among the major manufacturers of low voltage switchgear in the world, with the scale, sophistication and range to meet global benchmarks. In addition to its leadership position in the Indian market established over a decade ago, it has a growing presence in international market.

The client was facing a problem of early failure of springs than expected life.

The springs were analyzed by using MDO spring module that were safe but has to be designed for dynamic loading and account for arcing temperature effect. By using wire with rectangular cross section, problem solved.

Leading Screen Feeder Manufacturer

It has established operations in the year 2007, as one of the trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers of a gigantic compilation of Material Handling Cranes & Hoists. Product series encompass Stone Crushing Plant, Single Girder EOT Crane.

They were using German springs bought abroad but were found to be costly and replaced it with manufacturing as per same drawings springs by an Indian vendor. However, the springs failed early and caused large damage to the feeder.

The design was verified using MDO spring module and found that the springs failed because of surging. Suitable suggestion was given to prevent such failure.

Leading Crane Manufacturer

The Client is the largest overhead crane manufacturer in India with manufacturing capability of 45000TPA. Manufactures wide range of cranes in India for various applications to meet the requirements of core sectors in India and abroad.

By using MDO module, the crane manufacturer was able to complete multistage gear box design in a day which otherwise was taking a month if done manually. MDO helped the design team to reduce cycle time for design of components of gear box of crane assembly by giving complete gear box design suite.

Leading Consultancy Company

The client is a best-in-class integrated engineering consultancy solutions provider. They are distinct and distinguished in the engineering consultancy services domain. Expertise of over five decades, presence in almost all key industry segments, capabilities to handle multi-dimensional, large scale assignments and long-term relationships built across the globe, makes us distinguished.

In India, design team of this consulting engineers was facing problem of reducing cycle time of design of fabricated beams, and the software module provided is complete solution for them.

A Bridge Construction Company

The client is build on a legacy that has stood the test of time. Technological and design excellence, and a discerning eye for quality and safety are some of the characteristics that distinguish its tradition for perfection in its areas of operation.

Fatigue design of new bridges is to be done along with all old bridges existing in India. Further the life estimation was the criteria for building new bridges.

A report is published on the findings observed during the study. On the basis of experimental and analytical studies, the opinion on current health (usage) and expected life of the bridge is recommended.

Leading Pump Manufacturer

The client offers a wide range of Industrial High Pressure Reciprocating Plunger / Piston Pumps and systems suited to exact customer requirement. The Pump packages have options to choose from either electric motor or engine driven coupled by pulley or gear box, mounting on base frame / plate, trolley or trailer.

The reciprocating pumps were failing due to frequent failure of valve springs. The valve springs checked for dynamic loading and existing dimensions given by client were verified and found to be safe for static loading but needs to be checked for dynamic loading. Design was checked using MDO springs module and suggested for suitable solution.

Leading Switchgear Manufacturer

The client manufactures the widest range of Medium to Ultra High Voltage (UHV) switchgear products to meet the requirements of power generation and distribution substations in utilities and industries. it also export Low Voltage Panel Products from our India based export house.

The switch systems were operated with ratchet and pawl mechanism which were expected to last for at least 50000 cycles of switching on-off. Pawl mechanism had fillet which was having high stress concentration. Profile of pawl mechanism was modified suitably to bring down stress concentration.

Leading Gearbox Supplier

The client has two manufacturing units in the industrially developed areas. These units have excellent fabrication facilities and modern machine shops deploying CNC technology, aided by testing equipment of international standards.

The client supplies gear box for various purposes. The gear box was to be designed and manufactured by another Engineering company. As per their contract, the design has to be verified by third party before induction in the company. The gears were designed on the basis of DIN standard. It was verified using MDO MR Gear box design module and provided the results.

Leading Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

The client started manufacturing injection molding machines in 1990 with the introduction of the "D series" of advanced injection molding machines in a joint venture with a Group.

Piston shaft of injection molding machine was failing at rod end where it was screwed. The reciprocating piston was undergoing push-pull failure. The stresses were high at screw thread end. So, under cyclic loading cracks occur leading to premature failure.

Redesign and modification of thread procedure is suggested to reduce failures.

Leading Rayon Manufacturer

The company is a principle employer on whom a considerable segment of the local population is dependent. It, right from its inception has always maintained fair and cordial relations with all its customers in pursuit of sound business ethics.

Shredding machines purchased was found to be failing in less than a year. Client was trying to resolve this by re-welding the shaft. Heavy load was the reason for shaft failures and thus the failure of mechanism. Loading more material than the rated capacity of the shredder and the welds were not done properly causing high stress concentration and thermal stresses. Suitable heat treatment process was suggested to stop shaft failure.


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