Individual Subscription


Self-Paced learning modules allow to work at own pace (24 X 7)


Blended learning-class room teaching co-operates and co-exist with MDO

Industrial User

Design as per different industry standards

Group Subscription


Setup machine design laboratory with existing infrastructure in CAD/CAM labs


Real time collaboration

 Coming Soon.

I found MDO very useful to learn the subjects at my own speed, thus all concepts became more clear. Extremely useful was the extensive e-Book provided therein. I was able to manage my assignments and projects in less time.

-Sunil Dodke
M.Tech Student

I find MDO to be very informative and complete with provision of Qs Bank, online evaluation assistance. I found my lecturing activities simplified and more efficient. I was able to devote more time to teach finer aspects of the subject to my students.

Prof. Dr. P. Vasudeven

We are extremely satisfied with the capabilities of this package which has helped us in a) reducing cycle time of design b) cross checking of design c) preparation of design report d) drawing generation e) with data on materials g) as a medium for training engineering trainees.

Shibu K Baby


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