Online Sketcher - Fatigue Analysis

100+ Material Database - Mechanical Calculations

Online Sketcher

Generate 2D sketches in seconds for your designs.
What you create doesn't have to stay in the design environment. Two-dimensional sketches for any design structure can be produced in seconds based entirely on your designs. The sketches are produced in file formats compatible with all popular CAD applications, and can be used as an input to generate 3D diagrams with additional controls and features. This makes generating the right design simple, saving time and reducing manufacturing and production issues

Fatigue Analysis

Native to all designs that help end of life calculations In the real world, design doesn't happen in a vacuum. The same holds true for MDO, thanks to the fatigue analysis functionality that's built into every design component. The result is training that reinforces robust design that doesn't ignore end of life calculations.

Mechanical Calculations

Unique platform provides thousands of complex calculations in realtime for 40+ Mechanical Engineering components and building blocks
In order to provide the most realistic design environment, you'd need to calculate thousands of complex calculations in real time for a seamless design experience. That's exactly what Machine Design Online provides.

100+ Material Database

Use variety of materials or add your own.
Our database holds over 100 different materials, all programmed to respond to stimuli and design choices as they would in real-time situations. That means more trustworthy design results, and more freedom to design YOUR way.


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