Case Studies

  • Space restriction for springs.
  • Doubt about loading case.
  • Springs failed before expected life.
  • Checking for dynamic load.
  • Individual design check required.
  • Cross section changed to rectangular.
  • Spring failures stopped
  • Safe design for dynamic load
  • Spring gives required life

Leading Switchgear Manufacturer

The client is among the major manufacturers of low voltage switchgear in the world, with the scale, sophistication and range to meet global benchmarks. In addition to its leadership position in the Indian market established over a decade ago, it has a growing presence in international market.

“We are extremely satisfied with the capabilities of this package which has helped us in a) reducing cycle time of design b) cross checking of design c) preparation of design report d) drawing generation e) with data on materials f) as a medium for training engineering trainees.” - Design Team

This problem was about the springs used in circuit breakers of switchgear mechanism. The client was facing a problem of early failure of springs than expected life. The problem posed was whether the designed springs as given by the vendor meets requirements. Also, to suggest what should be done to extend the life.

The client had one problem of deciding whether the load is static or dynamic. So the springs were analyzed by using MDO spring module and found that their springs were safe but has to be designed for dynamic loading and account for arcing temperature effect. By using rectangular cross section wire spring, MDO team solved problem of space and life requirement.

The client implemented the solution provided by MDO design team and training session is been done on following topics -

  • General Spring types & Application
  • Types of Loading & Spring Failures
  • Spring Material & Properties
  • Choice of Operating Stress In Spring Designs
  • Design of Helical Compression, Tension Spring
  • Design Optimization of Helical Springs

Design Reports :-

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