Case Studies

  • Huge data to be verified
  • Manual process of design
  • Very responsible job
  • Design calculations check
  • Use of MR Gear Box module
  • Verification done successfully
  • Design meeting requirements
  • High factor of safety

Leading Gearbox Supplier

The client has two manufacturing units in the industrially developed areas. These units have excellent fabrication facilities and modern machine shops deploying CNC technology, aided by testing equipment of international standards.

Quality assurance here starts with planning and designing of the products and ends only with the trouble-free plant performance in the hands of satisfied customers. Each department adheres to prefixed quality standards resulting in flawless performance. Our stringent quality assurance measures have earned us the ISO 9001, ASME and Boiler Inspector certificates.

The client supplies gear box for various purposes. The gear box was to be designed and manufactured by other company. As per their contract , the design has to be verified by third party before induction in the company. The gears were designed on the basis of DIN standard. It was verified using MDO MR gear box design module and provided the results.

Design Report :-

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