Case Studies

  • High load variations
  • Life expectancy
  • Space restriction
  • Design check for static load
  • Design for dynamic load
  • Life verification
  • Redesign for dynamic loads
  • Meeting the required life
  • No frequent failures

Leading Pump Manufacturer

The client offers a wide range of Industrial High Pressure Reciprocating Plunger / Piston Pumps and systems suited to exact customer requirement. It has significant experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing of high pressure pumps having power. The Pump packages have options to choose from either electric motor or engine driven coupled by pulley or gear box, mounting on base frame / plate, trolley or trailer depending on application and industry demands. The pumps are robust in construction, designed for intermittent or continuous duty cycles. High pressure accessories for safety, parameters measurement and cleaning / jetting are available as per specific usage.

The reciprocating pumps were failing due to frequent failure of valve springs. The valve springs checked for dynamic loading and existing dimensions given by clientwere verified and found to be safe for static loading but needs to be checked for dynamic loading. So the design was checked using MDO springs module and suggested for suitable solution.

Design Report :-

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