Case Studies

  • Heavy loads on shaft
  • Mechanism failure
  • Welding failures
  • Verification of design
  • Change in heat treatment procedure
  • Shaft design found safe
  • Heat treatment process suggested
  • No further failures

Leading Rayon Manufacturer

The company is a principle employer on whom a considerable segment of the local population is dependent. The client right from its inception has always maintained fair and cordial relations with all its customers in pursuit of sound business ethics that has always kept the company free of any encumbrances. The company has always stood by its obligations to the state in meeting all statutory requirements as far as running a clean and responsible industrial complex is concerned.

Shredding machines purchased were found to be failing in less than a year. Client was trying to resolve this by re-welding the shaft. Heavy load was the reason for shaft failures and thus the failure of mechanism. Loading more material than the rated capacity of the shredder and the welds were not done properly causing high stress concentration and thermal stresses. Suitable heat treatment process was suggested to stop shaft failure.

Design Report :-

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