Case Studies

  • High stress concentration
  • Threading process
  • No design change criteria
  • Reduced stress concentration
  • Adopting thread rolling
  • Reduced shaft failures
  • Reduced production stoppages
  • Improved plant efficiency

Leading Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

The client is a wholly owned subsidiary of India's largest engineering conglomerate. It started manufacturing injection moulding machines in 1990 with the introduction of the "D series" of advanced injection moulding machines in a joint venture. It is acknowledged as the leading injection moulding solutions provider in India. Its facilities in and around Chennai incorporate some of the most advanced systems for design and research, hydraulics and mechanical construction.

Piston shaft of injection moulding machine was failing at rod end where it was screwed. Two separate vendors were supplying and both were failing at the same location. The reciprocating piston was undergoing push-pull failure. The stresses were high at screw thread end. So, under cyclic loading cracks occur leading to premature failure. Redesign and modification of thread procedure is suggested to reduce failures.

Design Report :-

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