Case Studies

  • Design verification
  • Defining procedure
  • High design cycle time
  • Verification of dimensions
  • Module development
  • Change in radius of fillet
  • Reduced stress concentration
  • No failure of pawl mechanism

Leading Switchgear Manufacturer

The client manufactures the widest range of Medium to Ultra High Voltage (UHV) switchgear products to meet the requirements of power generation and distribution substations in utilities and industries. products are in service for several years in many countries. We also export Low Voltage Panel Products from India based export house. The product is highly reliable & rugged - suitable for altitude up to 2000m without any deration.

The switch systems were operated with ratchet and pawl mechanism which were expected to last for at least 50000 cycles of switching on-off. During testing, the ratchet pawl mechanism was failing before expected life and the cause was unknown. Pawl mechanism had fillet which was having high stress concentration. Profile of pawl mechanism was modified suitably to bring down stress concentration. Suitable program was developed for designing ratchet pawl mechanism. Also, FEA analysis carried out later.

Design Report :-

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